The AIM Education Foundation launches with The Justin Cosby Scholarship

The Australian Institute of Music is thrilled to announce the launch of the AIM Education Foundation. The Foundation will support the future of the Australian music industry, providing scholarships, mentorship, and financial and in-kind support for the next generation of music talent.

Ed St John, AIM Chair said, “We’re proud to launch the AIM Education Foundation, to support the future of the Australian music business. The industry needs dedicated professionals like Justin Cosby, and through the Justin Cosby scholarship and other Foundation projects, we can support the next generation of music talent.”

The Justin Cosby Scholarship, established to honour the renowned A&R Director of Inertia Music, who passed away in 2021.

A Tribute to Justin Cosby

Justin Cosby
Justin Cosby, co-founder of Inertia Music

Jointly funded by the AIM Education Foundation and an endowment made possible by friends, family and colleagues of Justin Cosby, the scholarship will support one student per year for our Arts and Entertainment Management degrees.

The scholarship is a tribute to Justin Cosby’s boundless love for music and his commitment to
nurturing emerging talents. The scholarship will empower candidates who share Justin’s steadfast
dedication to collaboration, integrity and the art of music exploration.

As a co-founder of Inertia Music, Justin Cosby was a trailblazer in the Australian music scene. His
profound influence resonated across the industry, exemplified by his work with iconic artists such as
Sia, Bjork, Bon Iver, Ben Lee, Asgeir, M83, Grizzly Bear, Robyn and Big Scary. The Justin Cosby
Scholarship stands as a living testament to his legacy, embodying his ethos of collaboration and
mentorship. This annual scholarship program ensures that Justin’s spirit inspires and supports the
future generation of music enthusiasts and professionals.

Supporting the future of Australian music

Ashley Sellers, Inertia Music Co-Founder, said, “Like many of those who knew Justin, I think about
him every day and dearly miss his presence. It’s therefore a proud and emotional moment for me to
be part of a team announcing a scholarship honouring his name. Justin’s family and I sincerely thank
AIM for their support, and we all look forward to seeing the future of Australia’s music industry shine
bright with graduates from The Justin Cosby scholarship.”

Ed St John, Chair of AIM, said, “The Australian Music Industry needs dedicated professionals like
Justin Cosby, and we’re proud to support this scholarship. We look forward to developing a new
generation of Australian music business talent.”

Tim Kelly, a former colleague of Justin Cosby who now runs AIM’s Arts & Entertainment
Management degrees
, said, “I’m delighted to be working with Justin Cosby’s family to launch this
incredible scholarship. Justin’s attributes included a profound love of music, collegial support, and
putting the artist at the heart of decision-making. Skill sets AIM seeks to encourage in our students.”

Each candidate will receive a prestigious scholarship valued at around $45,000, encompassing the
entire three-year duration of their studies. This substantial support underscores our commitment to
fostering future pioneers of the music business and pays homage to Justin Cosby’s enduring legacy in

The Scholarship Pathways

There are two distinctive scholarship pathways available for the applicants are:

Bachelor of Arts & Entertainment Management: This program equips students with comprehensive
knowledge in arts and music business, covering areas such as marketing, artist management, music
business economics and law, entrepreneurship, business planning, digital promotions, publishing,
organisational behaviour, and music law.

Bachelor of Music – Arts Management: This program focuses on empowering students to develop
their careers as self-managed artists or establish and run businesses in the music industry. The Arts
Management specialisation combines musical practice with business acumen, providing the skills to
navigate the complexities of the music landscape.

Both programs, spanning three years, offer unparalleled music industry education and serve as a
launchpad for aspiring individuals seeking a thriving career in the music industry. The Justin Cosby
Scholarship is not just a scholarship; it’s a gateway to a world where passion meets professionalism
and creativity intertwines with strategic business expertise.

Discover eligibility requirements, selection criteria and application process for the Justin Cosby Scholarship.

Make a tax deductible donation to the Justin Cosby Scholarship fund. Together, let’s celebrate Justin’s legacy and empower the dreams of aspiring musicians and industry professionals.

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