5 Reasons You Should Study Music at AIM

Deciding where to study after high school is not easy. There are countless options of courses and higher education providers to choose from – from universities and providers offering a broad range of courses, to specialist private providers. There’s a lot to consider. Whatever you decide, it’s important you do something you love and that you feel passionate about. For over 50 years, AIM has been helping people passionate about music to develop their talent and build a long-lasting career in the music industry.

Here are five reasons why AIM stands out as your ultimate music study destination:

1. You Can Follow your Passion

Students come to AIM because they love music and want to do it for the rest of their lives. AIM courses prepare students for just that. If you’re a performer, either contemporary, classical or in music theatre, you will have personalised 1:1 teaching from the start of your degree, allowing you to develop skills in your specific area over the life of your degree. If you are interested in creative technology and composition, you will have the opportunity to create your own portfolio of work through the practical components of your course.

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Here’s what a recent visitor to AIM said, “I am currently studying at a university, doing a double degree of music production, media and communications. I came for an open day at AIM a few years ago and now have realised this is where I need to be to reach my future goals and dreams. I am hoping I can transfer from where I am currently studying.”

2. We Specialise in Music

If you’re passionate about music, AIM is the place for you. Our range of courses cover all areas of music – from creation and production to performance and business. As a music specialist, we have deep music expertise that benefits our students. AIM staff are expert working professionals and musicians who are embedded within the music and creative industries.

Our courses provide students with options to explore different areas of music interest, so by the time you graduate, you too have a deep understanding of a broad range of music areas and possible careers.

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3. We Prepare You for Your Chosen Music Career

It’s a common misconception that jobs in music are hard to find. In fact, the music industry is booming and there are hundreds of thousands of jobs, and some areas are in desperate need of music graduates! Music careers are as diverse as the music industry itself.

AIM graduates of our Arts and Entertainment Management course can go on to a career in the business of music. Graduates of our Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Theatre may go on to be a professional musician or a performer or teach music.

Many AIM graduates have a career managing multiple music jobs, and this is called a portfolio career. Whatever your career aspirations, AIM prepares students for a long-lasting career that can span music education, research, management, session, performance and studio skills. Check out what some of our alumni are doing now. Dive deep into the development of your expertise in your chosen area while acquiring transferable skills crucial for navigating the diverse opportunities in the music industry.

4. The Supportive and Inclusive Experience

AIM breaks away from stereotypes. We’re not a stuffy old institution; we’re an independent hub of self-expression, and innovation, and a challenger of industry norms. We empower artists and creators from all around the world, from all walks of life. We embrace diversity and individuality, offering personal guidance and a close, supportive community to help you achieve your goals.

Students come together from all areas of music to collaborate on music projects with incredible outcomes, and they support each other to achieve their goals. Our end-of-study-period recitals and showcases are a fantastic demonstration of AIM students’ collective energy and talent.

“[I have] been at two different music institutions to train in music theatre…when I came to an open day I felt a connection. AIM staff provided a comfortable environment compared to where I had been previously.” – Alessia Muscarello, AIM Bachelor of Music Theatre student.

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5. Active Industry Engagement

Connectivity to the music industry and hands-on experience are at the core of AIM’s learning ethos. With over 50 years’ experience in the Australian music industry, we have strong industry relationships and networks. Our students benefit from an extensive network of industry partners and our ground-breaking innovation hub – iHUB. We even have our own student-run record label 2030, managed by AIM students for the benefit of AIM students.

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There are five reasons, but there are so many more to discover. Why don’t you come and see for yourself at our Tune Your Future Info Day in Sydney or Melbourne?

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