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  • 29 Mar 21

    Harmony Week celebrates the diverse and thriving melting pot of cultures in Australia. The ASA staged shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Tracee Hutchison and Ian James join AIM

    Connecting AIM to Industry.


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    Tracee Hutchison Ian James

    22 Feb 21

    Journalist Tracee Hutchison, music publishing expert Ian James and music industry veteran and Tim Kelly have joined the Australian Institute of Music's reinvigorated team of music industry professionals.

  • The Live at AIM series returns in 2021

    This year, you can watch live.


    • Life at AIM

    20 Jan 21

    We’re thrilled to announce the return of Live at AIM in 2021. In 2020, we hosted performances of talented AIM students across the Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Composition and Classical programs.